Her Sweet Graffiti Monster

Megan is a lonely little girl. Ignored by her mother, overshadowed by her elder sisters, bullied by her schoolmates and terrified of her father, like many lonely little girls Megan’s only companion is her imagination. That is, until one day something notices her. 

When she disappears from school one day, her sister Rachel vows to turn the world upside down searching for her. Yet Megan and her monster may have unleashed something on the world much more concerning than her disappearance. For Rachel, the impossible earthquake that cleaves London in two is just the beginning. 

Myths collide aggressively with the present when a door is opened to the hells and heavens – and they are not happy they were forgotten. 

The first novel in my ‘in a thousand blades of grass‘ series. Chapters will be posted periodically  here.

Follow below the links to catch up!


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven


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