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Based in Canterbury, England, I am an aspiring writer/screenwriter. I graduated from the University of Kent with a BA in Film Studies and have spent the last seven years working in theatre.

On this site you can find a selection of my work, from screenplays to short stories and synopses of my larger and more ambitious writing. I use my blog to post updates on these larger projects and to muse about things that have inspired me, whether that it was my last trip to the cinema, a book I’m reading, a photograph or piece of cake. We can find inspiration anywhere and my mission is to learn as much as I can about how to construct a story so that one day I can rival my literary and filmmaking heroes.

Exposure is everything so please follow me on twitter and instagram and don’t hesitate to get in touch this way or via email at emma.aveston@gmail.com.

I like stories. They are everything. There is a story in the Marmite advert on TV, in the speech of a politician, in your favourite song or instrumental. My hope is that one day I can make my own contribution to this vast anthology so that I can entertain and open minds just a crack.





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