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Hi guys,

My name is Emma Aveston and I’m an aspiring writer/screenwriter. On this site you can find a selection of my work from screenplays to short stories and synopses of my larger and more ambitious writing.

Here is a picture of my face:

My face

Isn’t it a nice face? And I’m wearing a funny hat too!

I like people. I think they’re swell (most of them anyway, some are a bit dodgy) so if you’re a person and you like my stuff then please contact me, follow me, comment, email, social media me, paint me a picture, whichever you wish.

If you would like to put any of my work on your blog etc., please let me know first.

If you would like to turn any of my screenplays into films or publish my work, please let me know so I can bounce around on my bed like a lunatic.

Loves and stuff,


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