I’m Alive, Aliiiiive

Well, am I just the worst.

I don’t really have an excuse other than all of the soul sucking of the last few months. But alas, you haven’t got rid of me for good. Granted the pantomime thing brought me the closest to sticking my head into the slushie machine and ending my life in a vat of bright blue sludge, but we made it through eventually. I’m not really sure how.

going to drink

Ah, of course.

Theatre life is so glamorous.

I shall grovel no more, but instead I will prepare you that there will be a chapter posted in the next couple of days. Poor Nathan. He’s been running away for bloody months. I wish I could say it gets better for him…

If you want a reread of where we left him then have a gander here. The last we saw of him, his relaxing weekend at a festival was ruined by Kassie and the unpleasant “people” chasing him. He’s currently trapped in a crowd of moshpits, head-banging and homicidal man-things bent on ripping him apart. Just your average weekend at Download then.


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