A mild panic has ensued at the realisation that NaNoWriMo is three days away now. THREE DAYS. Terrifying enough but my actual panic has bloomed from the realisation that I am not panicked enough. In fact I’m quite blasé about the whole thing. Considering I only just managed it last year (with about 28 minutes to spare) I should really be more prepared.

nano is coming

Yet with so much In A Thousand Blades Of Grass left to write, I know there’s not much point in plotting too heavily. I know the vague direction it is going in and I’m sure the characters will take me there on their own. However, I am prepared enough to have a backup option in case Her Sweet Graffiti Monster tries to kill me. Again. I also have three days to get together another chapter so you lovely people will have something to read and comment on in November.

So what have I been doing instead of prepping? Science.

Ooh yah.

At the absence of an instantly available source of physics knowledge now, I decided that I should probably learn some if I want to finish that sci-fi screenplay to rival Alien. With the help of some amazing free lectures (big shout out to David Spergel, the Princeton professor making knowledge accessible to us wee mortals), today I embarked on General Relativity and Chaos Theory.


It went great.

Yeah. I got them smarts now init.

I spent part of the day consumed with overwhelming shock while staring at alien markings pasted in my notebook, somehow in my own handwriting, part of the day giving myself high-fives and the rest of the time pretending I was Jeff Goldblum. I had to stop when the businessmen and women in this coworking space were blinded by my evident divine-like powers of awesome.

So with any luck, in the next month I’ll have 50,000 words of epicness, another chapter up, a brain to rival Einstein and all the while ignoring that pantomime thing that’s coming up. Gulp.

goldblum is god

Me, but with bewbs

What about you friends? Are we all embarking on Nano this year? Anyone more panicked/prepared than me?  Anyone want me to explain Chaos Theory to you? 



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