What do you want from me?

So you may have noticed the lack of a chapter four recently… This is due to the fact that I’m having a wee little trouble writing the DAMN THING. Kassie is just not happy wherever I set her next big scene. I’ve rewritten the chapter twice already and was just about happy with it (even if she wasn’t) when I went to a musical festival this weekend. It inspired the perfect setting but it would require scrapping everything and writing from scratch. Again.

I’ve been in a dilemma about whether to move onwards and come back to it later, or make you wait even longer for the next chapter. Then I figured, hey, you are the ones that will be reading it, why don’t I ask you?

So what do you want peeps? To wait a little longer or just make me shut up GET ON WITH THE DAMN STORY?


2 thoughts on “What do you want from me?

  1. I’m happy to wait- I truly think it’s awesome so far, so take all the time you need until you think it’s right; no need to rush 🙂

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