NaNoWriMo Interview with Chris Kelworth

Happy Tuesday my fellow story enthusiasts. I hope NaNoWriMo/Movember/November Related Things are going well/hairy for everyone.

I am quite honoured to link to another interview, this time from the lovely Chris Kelworth who has already interviewed some fantastic writers participating in NaNo this year.

You can read the interview here and I thoroughly recommend you do if you are interested in Her Sweet Graffiti Monster as I give a little bit more of a sneak speak. Find out the answers to thrilling questions like just who the best character in my novel is  and my answer to Chris’s infamous Sneaky Ninja Question.

So week three is here and I haven’t had a break down yet, I’m even on target (almost)! As promised, the first chapter will be up within the week. Contain your excitement people, it will be here soon.

Good luck for everyone forging into Week 3 with me and I’ll chat to you all soon. 😀

Visit The Kelworth Files blog HERE.


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Interview with Chris Kelworth

Add yours

      1. Maaaaan the only writing I have been doing is on my blog :-/ Total NaNo fail… didn’t even make it out the gate. My schedule is too crazy at this point but I’m hoping to start plotting after the new year and maybe tackle a new project towards late Spring… I have some remaining edits to slog through before I put the last one to rest.

      2. That’s fair enough. I’ve been struggling with fitting NaNo in with life stuff, work and my fairly regular existential life crises. Standard stuff. Keep on it though, you’ve got such a talent for writing and phrasing. Your blog genuinely puts me in a good mood and always makes me laugh. 🙂

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