Confession Number 1: VIDEO GAMES

3rd of November and already I have a blog post of confession.

Confession 1: I may have lost three solid days of October nano prep to Tomb Raider. But, to be honest, I’m fine with that because it’s a freakin’ awesome.

Image taken from the Official Tomb Raider Facebook page

I adore gaming. If they are done well, they can be the most accomplished forms of storytelling of any medium. Tomb Raider has the most engaging and brutal narrative while also being able to do what no novelist can: actually put the reader/viewer/gamer into their storyworld.

Tomb Raider is pretty much an origin story for Lara Croft and it made me think that all stories essentially are, particularly the coming-of-age arc of my main character. Rachel in my novel goes through a similar character development to Lara so I’ve changed the way I’ve approached her to match the thought process of the game’s own scriptwriters. Where does my character start, and where does she end up? Also, it’s given me a great new soundtrack to inspire me throughout November.

So after that explanation, can you all forgive me for spending three solid days screaming “YEAH YOU BETTER RUN BITCHES! WHAT, DON’T LIKE MY ARROW IN YOUR FACE!? HOW ABOUT MY SHOTGUN MOTHERFUDGERS!!” at my boyfriend’s x-box?


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