A bite-sized guide to this website

Since you are all busy folk, I thought I’d give you a little guide to everything that is published on this site. I’ve included how many A4 pages each story is as well as the time it takes to read them. I even timed myself! The screenplays have low reading time to page numbers. This is because of their formatting.

Short Stories

Upstairs – It’s a short, stream-of-consciousness-like memory of a time in my Granny’s house as a kid. If you have a Granny’s house then you might get this. 🙂 Perfect if you only have a few minutes to spare and want to read something nostalgic and a bit different. And my Dad will probably like me to tell you all he’s not an ‘ogre’ and is perfectly jolly when he’s not telling me off. Sorry Dad!

1 A4 page. Couple of minutes to read.

Short Screenplays

Don’t worry if you’ve never read a screenplay before. Within minutes you will be picturing a little film in your head – and no wordy descriptions to wade through!

Blanket Forts and Tequilaif you only read one thing on here, read this. It’s the project I’m most proud of and an earlier draft was shortlisted into the top 5 winning entries of a screenwriting competition hosted by the International Student Film Organization. If you’ve ever left home, moved to university or had a talent for building epic blanket forts, then this cute little piece should put a smile on your face.

7 A4 pages. 5-10 minutes to read.

The Accident – my final assessment for my university screenwriting module. I got a 1st so it must be alright. It follows a business woman who witnesses a car accident on her way home from work.

18 pages. 10-15 minutes.

This Technology Thing –  Another screenplay written for a competition, this time for Dell. It’s about a middle-aged man with a brand new laptop.

10 pages. 5 minutes.


To come in mid-November. I will be posting in handy bite-sized chapters so it’s easy to read. You can find a synopsis here and a prologue is coming soon!

That’s all for now. As always, if you like something (or don’t) then please leave feedback at the bottom of the corresponding page or get in contact. All constructive criticism is hugely appreciated!

Emma out. x


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