New story up!

Finally posted up one of my short stories. Let’s hear the woops people!

It’s only a little thing and it’s probably one of the most personal things I’ve written as it is a little scene from my childhood. It’s called Upstairs and you can find it in the (very lonely) short stories section.

Here’s a little snippet to grab you:

Cold outside but it’s always warm in here. Mums laughing together, dads rubbing their hands together from the cold, dirt on their knees from the veg patch. The smell of a roast fills the room. Lamb today; taters in the oven, mint sauce on the table. No ketchup. Granny never lets you have ketchup. Maybe Granddad will sneak you some again. Your tummy grumbles excitedly. Your brother pinches another sausage role. You give him a stern look, he wins you over by sneaking you one too.

While all my stuff is influenced by my life and memories, I don’t usually write something that’s come straight from it. This was the result of a university project where you had to write descriptive prose about a memory. This memory worked so well for it as there are little random things about my Gran’s house that will always stay with me like the carpet or the irritating doily under the telly. Who puts a doily under the telly?? I guess it’s so easy to write about as Grandparent’s houses never seem to change.

Anyone else tried to write from memory?

As always, feedback me people! 🙂


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