Her Sweet Graffiti Monster – Synopsis

I’ve been spending the last month trying to rewrite a lot of my work from a few years back that I lost when my old laptop died. Dropbox is great but only if you don’t forget to stick a whole Very Important folder on it. New for the site today is another short screenplay called This Technology Thing staring a Grumpy Old Man – I love writing Grumpy Old Men, think Carl in Up. With any luck I should have some short stories up soon.

At the moment though I’m getting hyped about NaNoWriMo. It’s only a month and a half away and this time I’m determined to win as I don’t have various essays due on the same deadline. I’m planning on finishing the first book in my ‘in a thousand blades of grass’ series which I shall post in chapters on this site for you all.

As promised, a little more information about it. The book is titled Her Sweet Graffiti Monster and here is a little synopsis:

Megan is a lonely little girl. Ignored by her mother, bullied by her schoolmates, terrified of her father, no one notices little lonely Megan. Yet, when she disappears from school one afternoon, her family are horrified to learn that someone noticed her after all, or, maybe, a something.

Yet the world has more pressing concerns than the disappearance of one forsaken eight year old, for Megan and her monster unleash something terrible, something ancient, something angry.

Myths collide aggressively with the present as the heavens return to claim their Earth. For London, the earthquake that rips it in two is nothing compared to horrors that escape its cracks.

That’s all you get for now. More to come. 🙂


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