“Even if it means oblivion.”

“Even if it means oblivion, friends, I’ll welcome it, because it won’t be nothing. We’ll be alive again in a thousand blades of grass, and a million leaves; we’ll be falling in the raindrops and blowing in the fresh breeze; we’ll be glittering in the dew under the stars and the moon out there in the physical world, which is our true home and always was.” – The Amber Spyglass, Philip Pullman

I thought this would be an appropriate first blog for this site, it is the quote from which my blog title comes from. His Dark Materials is perhaps my favourite book series of all time and the above is just one of many beautiful quotes in The Amber Spyglass (and there are a lot!) which so accurately sums up my opinions of the world and our place in it. If my writing can ever touch upon the beauty and scale of words such as Philip Pullman’s, my little writer dreams will be complete.

On this site you can find my short stories, long stories, screenplays big and small, and maybe a little bit of artwork when I’m procrastinating. Please follow me if you think I’m going to the right place, chat about my words and bully me when I require motivating.

Nice to meet you Mr Interweb, let’s get to know each other. 🙂

Emma. x


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